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Fellowship -Trained Specialists

AVALA is proud to provide Covington, Slidell and Hammond with highly rated hand specialists, trained to treat a number of issues dealing with the hand, wrist and upper extremities of the body (shoulder, arm, elbow).

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Endoscopic Surgery

Less Invasive, Same Result

Northshore hand specialists, Dr. Grayson Terral and Dr. Brent McCarty are ready and able to treat a number of hand conditions. Our integrated medical team will explore all treatment options before surgery, including therapy and other conservative approaches to your condition. If surgery is recommended, our specialists will use the LEAST invasive methods to treat hand and wrist conditions.


Recover at home, the same day as your surgery

Most of our treatments can be completed in our offices or on an outpatient basis with our partner hospitals.

Cortisone injections can be administered on-site. Some minimally invasive procedures can also be done inside our office – at our hand specialists’ discretion. Surgeries are typically done on an out-patient basis, with patients returning home on the same day as their procedures.

AVALA HAND THERAPY Here for you from start to finish.